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Rolf Waeber's Business World of Travel & Art

Rolf Waeber's Business World of Travel & Art

You look for modern artwork, you will find it here.

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Video for Novel trilogy Die Eremit, vol. 1

Video for Novel trilogy Die Eremit, vol. 2

Video interview in Bulgaria

December 2015 on Telekabel TV, Pazardzhik, Bulgaria Moderation: Mariana Dimitrova Translation: Ivanka Ivanova Pietrek


I have been born in 1955 in the small village of Scherzingen in Switzerland. After school education I began to study all about computers.

Since 1973 I have worked as a mainframe computer analyst and a programmer. I speak fluent German, Spanish and English, and also understand French and Italian.

I have left Switzerland in 1994 and lived for five years in Ecuador, South America where I have worked temporarily as a tour guide and climbed several mountains. I have made extensive tours in the highlands where I also came in contact with the Inca culture.

I came back to Switzerland in November 1999 because of political upheavals in the Andean country and am now living in Zurich, Switzerland.

At the early age I have been interested in science fiction, later in parapsychology, then in the whole esoteric world. I always have been very interested about alien beings and UFOs.

I have been a member of a German and an American UFO group and attended several international meetings.

I have made a trip for fire-walking (walking with bare feet on charcoal at a temperature of about 800 degrees Celsius) and mastered this challenge with bravery.

I love nature, especially the mountains, and I am a passionate hiker/trekker.

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A R T W O R K :

1) Youtube Video for Nizstaro paintings (thanks to Mark Hauri, Switzerland)
2) June 11, 2010: A big exhibition of Nizstaro's artwork took place in Melbourne, Australia
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4) NIZSTARO, Australian 3D artist and multimedia producer:

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3) Two new exposition videos in Granada from Dora Crespo
4) Poems and artwork: "LA ALHAMBRA A LA ATARDECER"
5) Poems and artwork: "LA HONRA DE LA GITANA"
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8) Flamencas - the most recent series of artwork from Dora Crespo
9) Dora's Poems now in Spanish, English and Arabic
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11) I am now Dora Crespo's manager for international connections and art selling
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14) Dora Crepo Perez's new artwork: Gitana Candela, Gitana Macareña

1) Gallery Mygall for German artist Heide Pfannenschwarz
2) Heide' Pfannenschwarz's KLM Winner Video
3) Gallery for Heide Pfannenschwarz on the artwork pages

1) Check out Ayla Mahler's most wonderful slide show of her artwork
2) Added Ayla Mahler's artwork, Spain

1) Painter: Ingrid Maria Haimerl, Germany

1) Art of Rafaela, Israel

P O E T R Y :

1) Synopsis of novel trilogy "Die Eremitin" (The Female Hermit) added on Poetry pages, books of Rolf Waeber, Switzerland

2) Book readings in Nordheim/Heilbronn, Germany in July 2011 with live music from Tino Mendez, Paraguay
3) Book reading in Passau, Germany:
4) Book signing at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2010, Germany:
5) Link to new book "Die Eremitin - Wundersame Begegnungen" added

1) Poetry of Dora Crespo, Spain, at the Poetry pages

1) Poetry of Yeva, USA, NC (Ezekiel's Encounter)

1) Poetry of Judit Regev, Israel

1) Poetry of Rocó Espinosa Herrera, Spain

L I N K S - art & music :

1) American pop singer/songwriter Ainsley Diaz Stevens

1) Russian countertenor Alexis Vassiliev

1) Biography for American pop singer D'London

1) Music videos from Dee Dee (Diane Lorraine Fisher), Florida
2) Added new link for my American friend and singer/songwriter Diane Fisher

1) Argentinian singer Donna D'Urbano on link page:
2) Video of Donna D'Urbano, Argentina: Earth Day Brazil

1) Bulgarian singer Ivanka Ivanova Pietrek

1) German singer Josie Bernales on link page:

1) Russian singer Liliana Shaikhi (Turkmenistan)

T R A V E L & V A C A T I O N S

1) Luxury travel destination: Casa La Helada, Andalucía, Spain, a place in paradise
2) Tuareg Tours, South Morocco
3) Bhutan Tours:

D E S I G N & L A Y O U T

1) Anita Estermann Design, Rehetobel, Switzerland:

For more info please check out the corresponding pages.

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My novel trilogy: "Die Eremitin"
My novel trilogy: "Die Eremitin" (The Female Hermit)

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