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About the arist and her work: Rafaela, a well-known artist in Israel, paints intuitively with lively, energetic colors, and creates through her work a feeling of spirituality. The prominent colors express a passion for life. The paintings reveal the artist's uttermost feelings that come from the sub-conscience. Rafaela, who twice fought breast cancer, reinvents herself everyday through her paintings. In her creation, Rafaela lacks rationality, is automatic, intuitive and creates from a kind of trance. She works with color through a total involvement of feelings and only later completes, works on and emphasizes the images that came through. Through her work she purifies and releases her past. She nurses the wounds of her past and colors them with cheerful colors. Rafaela does not rely only on the paintbush. Her combined technique also includes dripping of paint and use of her hands. With her fingers and nails, she taps, pinches and scratches the upper layer in order to provide varying textures. In some of her paintings, there is a resemblance to carpets, woven material and primeval music that brings about a reverberation at the heart of the observer. The significance of putting order, form and texture into the emotional chaos is seen in the symmetry and repeated dots.

Rafaela's art on youtube